Mike Skinner Announces The Streets Reunion & UK Tour

Written by Luke McGavin

Mike Skinner has recently announced that The Streets are returning for number of UK tour dates in April 2018 after nearly a 3 year hiatus.

The iconic UK rap group fronted by Skinner, have not performed live since 2015, with the release of their last album Computers and Blues being in 2011. The band helped form underground music throughout the early years of genres like Grime. Their biggest record, A Grand Don’t Come For Free (2004), really helped push their unique sound and made tracks like Blinded By The Lights true British gems.

Skinner made the announcement via Instagram, saying ‘Spoken to my band! Told them we need to sing the old songs!’, with dates in London, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and the rappers home-town of Birmingham added.

This comes after Skinner’s ventures into the DJ circuit, where he has been playing consistent dates since the end The Streets’ output, as well as his work as part of The D.O.T in 2012 and 2013. He has also been working with artists such as Grim Sickers and helping them enter the musical foray.

spoken to my band! told them we need to sing the old songs! on sale 9am Friday 13th

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