Echosmith Return With Strong Sophomore Alt-Pop Album

Written by Malvika Padin

After bursting onto the scene in 2013 with their EP Talking Dreams – an album that shone past any preconceptions of pop rock to genuinely stand among the year’s best – sibling alt-pop band Echosmith is back with their next album, Inside A Dream.

The seven-song sophomore album, which comes after the departure of oldest sibling and member Jamie Sierota, takes the listener on a journey of loving yourself and others, fear and acceptance of growing up, desperation to feel inspired and empathy for the world.

Kicking off the album is Lessons, a lush keyboard-led track, which references several 80s love songs such as The Police’s Every Breath You Take, Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game.

This opening number which perfectly shows off lead singer Sydney Sierota’s vocals is a track about finding love for the first time while being unsure of how it’s all supposed to feel.

Keeping in line with the trio’s affinity toward 80s music comes the next track, Get into My Car, a song chronicling the beginning stages of a relationship – a honeymoon phase – where you don’t want to leave your new love even for a second.

Next comes 18, a song that embodies the idea and fear behind growing up – hitting the golden year of 18 – and the pressures and expectations to become perfect adult.

This three-minute song which combines the prior naiveté with an evolved sound is sure to take you on a nostalgia trip.

Seamlessly blending into the concept of growing up and maturing, is Future Me, a song for all ages as it touches on the people we want to become tomorrow.

Lead single Goodbye, comes next with an upbeat tempo and lyrics that tells the tale about finding the strength to walk away from a toxic relationship. This song marks the band’s first release since their 2013 debut, Talking Dreams.

 Following this is Hungry, a track that carries moody undertones that shows off Sydney Sierota’s beautiful falsetto.

The acoustic number, Dear World with its deep, heartfelt and honest lyrics, “How many souls can be crowded together and all of us feeling alone?” is the love song the entire world needs at the moment. This simple, melancholic song resonates with the listener and provides a reminder that everyone is fighting their own battles but with love we will overcome.

With honest lyrics and heartfelt messages, Inside A Dream is well done in regards to message, and maybe the band’s best yet!

Check out Goodbye below.

Credit: Echosmith


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