Hype & Fever Answer Their Critics With New Single ‘Si’ Down’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Our favourite UK producing/rapping duo, Hype & Fever return with visuals for the dark and grimey Si’ Down. 

The brothers are no strangers to our readers and their latest efforts sees them take a much more bass-y and darker approach to their usual upbeat fusion style. From the outset it is clear that the duo are taking their time on Si’ Down, to set the record straight with their fans and most importantly their critics.

There’s a new tone of intent from Cold Fever who comes through with some of the most intricate bars and flows over the instrumental. Bars like “Link-Up told us we’re too commercial and the other big one didn’t reply to my email” and “if you think this was a nice find, go and post it on your timeline” show the true intent behind the track, this is more than just a track to play at your next shubs.

Hype & Fever have dropped a slew of singles over 2017 such as Bo, Tek Time, Riddim and now Si’ Down; it’s clear the duo are building up to something bigger and with their videos now co-signed by tastemakers like GRM Daily, they are heading for an even bigger 2018.

The duo have also increased their support on stations such as BBC Asian Network, with a variety of mixes being posted in the last few months.

We guarantee these guys are going to be a permanent fixture on your playlists.

Watch the video for Si’ Down below:

Credit: GRM Daily



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