AMEA Teases Upcoming Album With New Single ‘Space(ships)’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Oklahoma born, Ohio raised neo-soul sensation AMEA has returned to the musical foray with her newest single ‘Space(ships)’.

Already at a young age, AMEA has come from Oklahoma to Ohio and now resides in Texas, studying at the University of Texas in San Antonio. Whilst some may see just being at University as a hefty feat, AMEA has had a colossal 2016 which included multiple appearances at SXSW, a 1st time New York show, a summer Texas Tour, and much more.

This week, AMEA returns to our ears with Space(ships), the first single off the upcoming project, The Learning Tree Pt.1. The track itself is an ode to everything that has happened to AMEA so far in 2017 and what is to come. This is backed up with AMEA telling us that “This song is affirmation to not stop embracing the learning of our lived and living experiences

The release comes in the form of a visual art (thanks to Cassidy Fritts) inspired by AMEA’s Native American and African roots. The song was co-produced by AMEA, Jonah Conrad and James Blue. It features a danceable beat with sweet vocals and a chorus inspired by Kanye West.

Space(ships) is a what you get when you mix Afrofuturism with R&B deep in the heart of Texas.

Listen to the track below and follow AMEA on Twitter and Facebook.

Credit: AMEA




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