The Landlord Doesn’t Disappoint With Versatile Follow-Up ‘Wamp 2 Dem’

Written by Jason Greenfield

Giggs marks his follow-up to Landlord with the wider appeal of Wamp 2 Dem.

Peckham’s very own Nathaniel Thomson, or Giggs, is a household name in the UK and has been for the past 10 years. The South London based MC proved why he is one of the UK’s Top MC’s with his last effort, Landlord and since then, he has seen himself thrust into the spotlight after recording a slew of features with a tonne of artists, with the most notable one being Drake on More Life.

With the release of KMT and No Long Talk earlier this year, Giggs created a lot of controversy within the US, mainly over his verse on KMT, with some talk-show hosts absolutely loving the verse, but with others (namely DJ Akademiks­) touting it as “wack”. It was evident that whilst in the UK Giggs is adored, he had a point to prove to his US fanbase with the release of this project.

13 tracks long, Wamp 2 Dem serves as his answer to the critics as he takes a different approach in his delivery, whilst still maintaining the gritty urban sound he is known for. He seems to be branching out his area of influence whilst sticking to his UK roots by featuring both US artists, such as 2 Chainz, Young Thug, Lil’ Duke and Popcaan alongside UK ones like D Double, Donae’o, Footsie and Dave.

The track that opens the album, Gully Niggaz, whilst not his best piece of work, left me wanting more of the album as it serves its purpose to reel you into listening to the next track. Giggs comes in hard, opening the track with a lot of energy saying:

“Enemies twelve o’clock, enemies fifty-five
Tell me who on the block, tell me who is this live (who)”

As you listen further, it reinforces the idea that he is answering the critics. He clearly feels disrespected by those who criticized his performances with Drake, and with good cause, as he smashed both of the features on More Life in my book.

He follows up this intro with a stand-out track, which further addresses the comments that have been made about him. The production from Bricks Da Name helps to set the tone by creating a gully atmosphere with the catchy loop that is accompanied by the 808’s and rattling hi-hats. The sinister vibe is emphasised when Giggs jumps on the beat saying:

Give these niggas hysterias
Niggas is serious (mmm!)”

Whilst listening to the delivery on this track, you cannot help but sit there with a screw-face. Both 2 Chainz and Giggs set the tone perfectly as the Landlord addresses the comments made by DJ Akademiks on the ‘Everyday Struggle’ by firing shots that make it abundantly clear he doesn’t care about the opinions of ‘little chit-chat talk shows’. 

With so many stand-out tracks on this project, it is difficult to pick favourites, but I can say without any doubts that Times Tickin’ will hold a place in my playlist for a long time to come.

The production of The FaNaTiX works so well in conjunction with Popcaan and Giggs, and on this track, Giggs demonstrates that he isn’t a one-trick pony, switching up from a slower delivery to a quicker one. He’s not the only one flexing his talent on this tune, both Popcaan and Giggs create a funky atmosphere where they bring us a high-energy, boisterous and braggadocious piece.

If you’re looking for a catchy, party track then Linguo is perfect for you. Perfect, because the choppy instrumental, which is also produced by Donae’o, is accompanied by another one of his groovy hooks, which goes:

“Got two bitches kissing, bilingual
They don’t even understand my lingo
But don’t worry ’bout a ting, though”

However, when discussing Linguo, I cannot help but draw a parallel to Lock Doh. Both songs address a similar topic, but I feel disappointed when listening to Linguo. Now, I’m not disappointed because it is a bad song, but because Lock Doh from Landlord was one of the best songs from the album, and it left me with high expectations for any further collaborations between Giggs and Donae’o. Expectations that this song did not meet.

Gangsters and Dancers is perhaps one of the most unexpected collaborations and I certainly didn’t know a Giggs track with a Young Thug feature was what I needed in my life. They work together so well, that I’m looking forward to any further collabs. This is another song where Giggs highlights his many talents, and whilst he has an amazing performance, he is overshadowed by the catchy chorus:

“Pack turned down, just motherfucking landed
I’m a real dog, Patek, Patek, Patek with a big fat bezel”

Whenever I hear ‘pack turned down’ I’m instantly ready to sing along and the ad-libs on this are absolutely dope. Overall, the song slaps and if you only are going to listen to a few tracks from this project, then this is one that you must check out.

Whilst Landlord was without a doubt his most successful project to date, he has released an ambitious and outstanding follow-up to it. With so many amazing tracks on this project, it was difficult to select just a few to highlight.

’ll be honest, Wamp 2 Dem is an album that you must check out. It feels like a cohesive and coherent album which creates a gully atmosphere, and it certainly addresses the criticism that he has faced over the past few months – critics stand aside, the Landlord is back, and he’s here to stay.

Listen to the full project below


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