Dave Becomes The People’s Question Master On New Single ‘Question Time’

Written by Jason Greenfield

Fresh off the buzz he made with Peligro on Wamp 2 Dem, Streatham based MC, Santan Dave has announced that he will be following up last year’s Six Paths mixtape.

November 3rd is the projected release date for his new project: Game Over.

Last night, Dave released the video for Question Time, his newest song, which is a politically charged and heartfelt song that is addressed towards the governments, past, present and future.

For Dave, profound content within songs is not something new – as people who have tuned in-to his past mixtape and listened to Picture Me, Panic Attack or Breathe can tell. If this release is any sign towards what the content of his mixtape is going to be like, then it will be as relevant and sublime as it always is.

He opens the song, inquiring over the melancholy beat:

“A question for the new prime minister
How’d you have a heart so sinister?”

Following it up with criticisms upon how we’re no better than terrorists, if we are equally terrorizing the civilians of Syria, or helping the refugees.

He then switches up the issue to another one which is on a lot of people’s minds, mine included: the wage of nurses in the NHS. Dave believes this is a major issue, one which he has seen whilst he was growing up; he explains how his mother could barely support his family, or get by, without resorting to overtime. He relays the frustration with which this issue is met and calls out the government for spending on defense instead of public services and for lying during the leave campaign.

“what about the people that voted for us to leave for the money that it would see?             350 million we give to the EU every week, that our health service needs”

Whilst the brunt of the force is directed towards Theresa May, for the prior issues and her response to Grenfell, she is not the only one that Dave seeks answers from. David Cameron, Jeremy Corbyn and even the disillusioned youth all are subject to his commentary and questions during Question Time.

Watch the brilliant video below:

Credit: Santan Dave


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