Joshua KYEOT Gives Us A New Vibe With Debut Single ‘Only One’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Joshua KYEOT (pronounced kye-oh-tee) is a British-Ghanaian singer/songwriter from South London who writes soul songs with a timeless quality and sings with a tone that is instantly recognisable.

Taking jazz, pop, classical and rock as inspiration, he cites Stevie Wonder, Sisqo, and Michael Jackson among his top influences. The surname KYEOT that he has adopted is telling onlookers to pay attention: Keep Your Eyes/Ears On This.

Driven by music as a primary means of expression, KYEOT is steadfast in his pursuit of becoming an all-around entertainer, with his new single just showcasing one of his many talents.

The single Only One is an ode to loving someone and going through all of the reasons as to why they are the ‘only one’ for you (or in this case, Joshua). The way KYEOT sings over the alt-soul vibe is most definitely very distinctive from his tone to his pronunciation and his approach to the track that differs massively from the likes of Ady Suleiman or Jacob Banks.

Although this is KYEOT’s first official single, the talented artist has already opened up for the likes of Izzy Bizu and his live sets have featured on youtube tastemakers such as Sofar Sounds.

KYEOT shows us why we should keep our eyes/ears on him and his work. Listen to the single below:


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