MUST DIE!’s New EP ‘Forever Digital’ Proves It Was Worth The Wait

Written by Gus Rangel

MUST DIE! (A.K.A Lee Bates) is a DJ/Producer that has been making some serious noise in the dubstep scene for the past few years. His innovative style features high energy song writing, cute Japanese influenced chiptune melodies, and unique high-pitched dubstep sounds.

After a hiatus of two years, he decided he had made us suffer long enough and came back with a new EP and it surely didn’t make the wait disappointing.

Forever Digital EP, released on Never Say Die Records features four songs with a very pleasing combination of influences. If you’re into chiptune, heavy dubstep, and/or bass house then this EP is definitely for you.

Shibuya Overdrive is the first song on the compilation and if the coolness of that name doesn’t make you wanna listen to it then I don’t know what will. It’s Shibuya, one of the coolest districts in Tokyo and on earth. The track kicks off with a brilliantly composed chiptune intro, followed by a thrilling EDM build up, and a drop with crazy beep-boops. The drop is very unique, with MUST DIE!’s characteristic high pitched sounds.

You may think that dubstep needs monster growls in order for it to be powerful, but I should mention that MUST DIE! can achieve this without the need of those.

Next on the list is Ultra Beam which follows a similar formula to the first song, with the exception that it’s got a more melodic build up and a wilder drop. There’s some pretty interesting drills and robotic noises if you’re into that. Nonetheless, I really appreciate the melodies and the way this song progresses.

The Weapon is the third song and it reminds me of a more modern version of VIP’s, a collaboration between Skrillex and MUST DIE!. The song itself is a continuous rise with a hypnotizing vocal repeating “They don’t really wanna see me drop the weapon”. I don’t really know what that means… but I like it. The drop has a tempo-boosted house beat with a very fast screechy lead playing on top, and a deep groovy bass underneath.

The Weapon was probably my least favorite track on the EP. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great for what it is, but I feel like it had more potential to be something even greater if more ideas were thrown in.

Still a banger though.

Last but not least, we have Nova Machine. This one is probably the most boundary pushing out of all, setting a more futuristic feel, as we are constantly reminded by a female vocal saying “future”. The sound selection and atmosphere make up for it too of course. The intro has a very nostalgic weepy melody, which reminds me of a cyber punk movie. The sounds in this song are probably my favorite out of all. Bass face was constant.

Having produced electronic music myself, I can tell you confidently that this EP is cleverly written and producing something like this must have taken a lot of time and hard work. I was very glad to hear something so refreshing in a time where it’s so desperately needed.

Kudos to Lee and Never Say Die for continuously releasing the highest quality bass music out there. I hope some of you feel inspired to check out the EP below!

Credit: MUST DIE!


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