Glass Caves Continue To Build With Brilliant New Single ‘I Do’

Written by Kai Feltham

Yorkshire’s finest underground indie band Glass Caves are back with I Do, their unique take on the conventional ballad. Its lyrical content is emotive, lustful and at times even soppy – yet the parading drums and catchy guitar chords are anything but downbeat. I Do builds upon the sound that the up-and-coming four piece and regular buskers have already established on a number of self-released singles and 2014 album Alive. Matt Hallas’ vocal tone is immediately recognisable, and Elliot Fletcher’s rhythmic continuity on drums gives their music its trademark driving beats.

From its opening bars, I Do is a track, which almost any indie music fan can immediately wrap their ears around. Marching drum beats combine with muted guitar chords and dual vocals to create the classic modern indie vibe. The chorus is less rousing than on Glass Caves previous efforts such as Alive and Swim, but remains as immediately arresting as before. I Do is a catchy and easily accessible number from Glass Caves, and only serves to further build on the slowly burgeoning reputation that the band are building.

It is crucially important to note that Glass Caves are not a band with a huge record label backing them, without the multimillion-pound funds that are regularly funnelled into easily marketable, up-and-coming outfits. If anything, this makes it all the more impressive that their musical output is already of such a consistent level.

Fresh from supporting The Sherlocks at sold out dates in Manchester and Sheffield, Glass Caves are ever so slowly creeping their way further out from the underground zone of indie music. All being well, this highly likable highly talented and outrageously hairy bunch of lads from York will get the recognition they deserve.

We here at F21 have shared some great conversations with the band, and seem them live twice – so believe us, when we say you need to listen to Glass Caves, we sure know what we’re talking about.

Check out the new single I Do below and bag yourself tickets to their upcoming gigs here.




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