George Kwali Returns With Yet Another Club Floor-Filler ‘When It Breaks’

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

A new single from George Kwali? You’re right to be excited. When It Breaks is the latest release from the Brightonian DJ and producer, and we’re all stoked for it.

It’s an instant banger. A well-produced composition of house and D’n’B, featuring a infectious hook from Lonestate. We at Frequency 21 imagine it will quickly be co-opted onto the dancefloor of many clubs for its vitality and feel-good vibes.

Kwali is well-known for his work on smash hit Crank It, alongside fellow producer Kideko, that ruled the radio at the start of this year. In regards to When It Breaks, Kwali stated, “I just wanted to make a big, rolling marching brass record that would sound great in the club. I hope people enjoy it as intended, I’m excited for people to finally hear new music”

The radio edit is set to be released with an extended rework of the original by Bristol duo Icarus.

You can check out the lyric video to When It Breaks below.

Credit: GeorgeKwaliVEVO


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