Star.One Link Up With Asher D & P Money For ‘We Run The Show’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Oiiiiiiiii, our favourite sibling DJ/Producer duo, Star.One have returned with their new track We Run The Show, and they’ve brought heavyweights Asher D and P Money along for the ride.

Asher D kicks off the track with the opening line “Take it back, late 90’s n all that” and it is obvious Star.One have drawn inspiration from the era when So Solid Crew topped the charts with raw UK garage/early grime influences brought into a 2017 style.

Star.One and P Money are long term successful collaborators, the added recruitment of veteran MC and So Solid Crew member Asher D, perhaps now better known for his acting roles (TopBoy & Safe House), is a masterstroke with the MC pair trading energetic back to back flows and punchlines resulting in pull up bars a plenty.

We Run The Show is sure to excite the Grime faithful with a track full of punchlines and kicklines. It is probably one of the best introductions the scene could give for newcomers to the Garage scene that was so instrumental in creating Grime as we know it and bringing about the talent of So Solid Crew and many others.

At a time where Grime is sunbathing in the limelight, this could be a genius move by Star.One to gain a whole new set of fans who know them for sticking big beats behind some of the biggest lyricists in the game.

Coming off the back of a packed summer festival run, Star.One describe We Run The Show as “the favourite record we’ve ever made. The energy in the studio that night was special and I think that translates to the track. Our teenage selves are so gassed to have Asher D spitting flames alongside another of the greatest MCs of all time, P Money.

Listen to the track below and skank it out wherever you are



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