We Are All Down For Aeriel’s New Track ‘Be Down’

Written by Carina Ly

Aeriel, formally known as Aeriel Scott, is an up and coming R&B pop singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, California and is set to release her EP Sad Girls Club in late 2017.

Her debut single Be Down, introduces us to a lot of things about her as an artist trying to break into the scene. In essence, Be Down describes a woman who feels stuck in a relationship with somebody who might not be interested anymore.

Be Down is a fairly adventurous debut single to start off with. Sonically speaking, it is contemporary R&B infused with some funk, and it clearly demonstrates Aeriel’s wide vocal range, which is especially heard in the chorus when hitting the high notes. However, these high notes may not have been necessary, because at times the impression is slightly overpowering.

Aeriel has got the vocals, the swagger, and knows herself and the image she wants to give to the public. From the music video to the Pop Art-inspired cover album, this rising artist wants to push boundaries combining R&B and pop with her own unique quality. However, with some vocal refining I believe Aeriel has potential to go big in the R&B pop scene.

To listen to Be Down click on the link below:

Credit: aerielmusic


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