EDEN Makes A Strong Return With Cinematic ‘Start//End’

Written by Zach Fetters

EDEN’s new track is a feel-filled, cinematic trip of a song.

Dublin crooner EDEN has dropped his first effort since 2016’s I think you think too much of me and his return is a happy surprise for many of his loyal fans. Ng spent a lot of 2016 on his Futurebound Tour and it is fantastic to see him back at his best (and in the studio!)

The new release, entitled start//end, is an atmospheric masterpiece with angelic and true vocals wrapped in cinema quality strings and orchestral sections completed with a cutting-edge production style that perfectly blends new electronic styles with the classical composition.

start//end is a song that matches and surpasses it’s simple title, it’s a release that adds meaning to it, and one that chronicles a story unknown until now, a song that ends and explains a mysteric person’s feelings and life experiences succinctly.

Minimal, but full. Meaningful, but sparse in explanation all at the same time, leaving the listener to fill in the blanks with their own thoughts and experiences.

Listen and watch below and tell us if EDEN came back strong

Credit: EDEN



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