Kelechi Helps Shaquille O’Neal Open Up About His ‘Quarter Life Crisis’

Written by Jason Greenfield

In anticipation for the release of his sophomore album, Quarter-Life Crisis, Atlanta based rapper Kelechi has collaborated with one of the NBA’s biggest personalities, Shaquille O’Neal on his newest joint, Shaquille O’Neal’s Quarter Life Crisis, in which both Shaq and Kel tell their stories: Shaquille of his struggle before he became the NBA Superstar that he is, and Kelechi of the internal struggle he is having whilst trying to become part of an ever-competitive music industry.

This, alongside the release of Be Right Back, help to explain the feelings that Kelechi has been dealing with since the success of Before the Quarter (his freshmen album) towards the end of 2016. In the former song, he compares his feeling to that of Meek Mill before he had released Dreamchasers. Whilst in the latter he relates to how Shaq felt before joining the NBA.

The production on this track is sublime, it feels very similar to what we expect when listening to Kelechi: a very minimalistic beat, alongside catchy drum patterns which allow Kel to use his uplifting voice to its full potential.

His opening lines on the track are: “When I was 13, I thought I’d be 23 with a money-tree. Michael Jordan stats whenever I’m recording raps. And now I’m in the mirror, nowhere near where I wanna be.”

These lyrics set the tone of the song, and paint the picture of how he has been feeling the past few months. Ever since we first covered Kel we have been looking forward to the full release of this album, and cannot wait to see where it takes him.

So far Kelechi has released two songs from the new album, both of which feel as though they keep the gospel influence which was present in Before the Quarter. Flowers, which is the introduction track is a bit more mellow, but the latter track #000000 absolutely bangs. He is planning to release one track per week and will continue to do this until the full album is available.

Listen to Shaquille O’Neal’s Quarter Life Crisis below and keep up with the album on Spotify.



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