Geovarn Finds A New Niche With ‘Skeng (Benz)’

Written by Samia Durrani

Geovarn released his new record Skeng (Benz) with Epic Records last week via Mistajam’s show on BBC Radio 1Xtra. Geovarn broadens conventional R&B tracks, by combining it with Soul and Grime and finds the perfect balance on his newest effort.

Having spent his younger years still trying to find his sound, Geovarn drew influences from his culture and his tumultuous environment that is Tottenham. He also stated that music gave him solace, whilst in his teens as he was surrounded by gang culture.

Geovarn told us how the track came about: “I was literally chillin in the studio with my cousin Shailan and decided to try a grime tempo track just for fun, I mean the rapper on the chorus wasn’t even meant to be in the session and that’s my favourite part! It’s crazy how bangers come when you least expect them”. 

His music, whilst being unconventional, is warm as it remains truthful to the grittiness and reality that Grime provides, whilst giving texture and warmth with R&B and Soul. His music has gained the attention of Complex, MOBO, Mistajam and Charlie Sloth, paving the way for his new music to be something to keep tuned for.

Geovarns was also named “Best New Music Act”, at this year’s IARA Awards. With 5 million streams on Spotify and Skeng (Benz) itself making a debut live at BBC Radio 1Xtra at Reading and Leeds, Geovarn certainly seems to be on the path to musical success.

Check out the track below:

Credit: CutshRadio



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