Jude Shuma Creates Surreal Suburbia With Video Release For New EP ‘Reflections’

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

The eclectic and vibrant singer-songwriter from Chicago, Jude Shuma, has released a new music video to go along with the release of his latest EP Reflections.

The track and video, also called Reflections, is a wondrously soporific, dream-like piece of chillwave, featuring his ethereal falsetto vocals that pierce over a mixture of melancholic guitar compositions and an almost-kitsch organ instrumentation. The new EP is Shuma’s fourth release, after his three previous releases, Afternoonified, Biggest Hits, and Insomnium, all of which were critically applauded. Shuma’s music is for those that are able to bask in the light indie-pop dreamworld of pyschadelia-infused chillwave, whose minds may be altered in the process.

The music video itself stays true to Shuma’s dealings with the bizarre and the fanciful. Filmed in American suburbia, the video elevates the mundane to the surreal as it bounces from shots of a drowning man, masked figures, smoking kids, and faceless, leather-clad bicycle gangs. It’s definitely worth checking out and trying to decode.

You can watch the new video below.

Credit: Jude Shuma




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