TyC And Sonny Step Catch Our Attention With Their Fresh Electro Soul Single ‘Now Or Later’

Written by Eli Sulaiman

TyC and Sonny Step joined forces to create Now Or Later, a sultry electronic track that resembles a more futuristic rendition of Tupac’s How Do You Want It.

Sonny Step brings in the expressive R&B vocals while TyC lays out the entire track with his electronic aesthetic.

TyC’s original sound comes from his wide background of diverse genres, which enabled him to work with many different people for different things. After he attended Berklee School of Music, TyC spent most of his days evolving as both a solo producer and songwriter. Just last year he was wrapped up with shadow producing and working with numerous artists who were signed under different labels.

After debuting a summer hit single Get To Know Ya with his friend and Berklee alumni, Nerose, TyC was ecstatic about the release of his follow up single Now Or Later with Sonny Step who is one of his frequent collaborators.

Now Or Later is a track that showcases TyC’s diverse and unique experience in the music industry and it was written, recorded, produced and mixed all by TyC himself. Now you can’t argue with how talented and hardworking this man is! By the looks of it, it’s all beginning to pay off.

Now Or Later is out now on Spotify. You can also have a listen to the track below:

Credit: TyC


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