Lostchild Returns With A Rendition Of Madonna’s ‘Skin’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Lostchild is no stranger to our readers, we have been in-depth with the Banbury raised, London living singer who started off the year with the beautifully put together EP called Being Loved When You Know You’re Not Good Enough. His 80’s and 90’s style electro-pop has really helped bring him to the forefront of the scene and the achievements have continued to roll in throughout the year, including hitting Top 10 in the Gay Charts.

This week, Lostchild or as he is known by his mother, Joseph, dropped his rendition of Madonna’s Skin. Skin is featured on Madonna’s 1998 LP, Ray Of Light and definitely shows the good in 90’s pop.

Originally, the track had a much more rave like feeling attached to it with the track sounding like it was made by Madonna and her producers with fluorescent glow sticks and lots of drugs in mind. However, Lostchild’s take on the track focusses more on the meaning of the track and helps give some passion behind the lyrics.

He said to us via email: “A lot of what I write about is about struggling to connect with others, and in four lines, Madonna’s “Skin” sums up how I feel so aptly that it haunts me. I’m not great at covers because I always feel like I sound insincere delivering someone else’s message, but in this case I feel comfortable paying tribute to one of my favourite artists.

He continued, telling us that he has “a new EP coming out early 2018, and a new video too. There will be some visual teasers leading up to it, there’s definitely some surprises in store. I’ll definitely be showing more vulnerability than ever before.

With new original music in the midst, we asked Joe what we could expect from the upcoming work. “The next EP is definitely the poppiest one yet, but the themes of self doubt and anxiety are more prominent than ever” he told us, definitely something we have a lot of time for.

Have a listen to Skin below and follow Lostchild on Facebook.


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