Piers Morgan Blames Kanye West For White Students Using The N-Word

Written by Zach Fetters

After a controversial video posted by the University of New Hampshire student page, “All Eyes on UNH”, hits the Internet featuring white sorority students singing Gold Digger by Kanye, but not omitting using the “n-word” during one of the parts of the song, Twitter, and most of the Internet, went into a fury. Most believed that they shouldn’t have used the word in the first place, stating that it is a word that only black people are allowed to say. Due to the firestorm around the Internet it caused, it was bound to catch the attention of journalists and writers, one of those being Piers Morgan.

In a tweet posted by Piers, he raises the question of “should white girls be allowed to sing ‘n*****’? New column posting very soon.” In his article, posted on the Daily Mail, he states that if black and brown people can say the word, so should white people as well, and that if one group of people can’t say the word, then nobody should be able to.

He then goes on to state that the reason the word has become widespread in usage, and the reason these students were saying it, is that “black American rappers” like Kanye use the word in their music, and that if people don’t want to hear it, then artists shouldn’t use it as well. This also sent Twitter into a spiral, with many claiming that black artists can use the word in their music the same way black people can say it in general.

To finish it all off, Piers thought that claiming the only people who get offended by white people using the word are “snowflakes”.

Many people on Twitter greatly depreciated what Piers said, to put it mildly:

Some black artists, like Talib Kweli, weighed in as well:

All we can say is that Piers, a white man, probably isn’t the most qualified person to talk about the cultural dynamics of the usage of the n-word, and this is an issue that should be left to the group of people who have re-claimed the word to start with. Plus, this isn’t even his first attempt at quelling racial tension by the drop of a tweet, as his previous attempt in 2014 proved.

Piers, just stop already. Leave race topics to people qualified and informed enough to discuss it.


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