Gengahr Return With Hotly Anticipated New Single ‘Carrion’

Written by Luke McGavin

Gengahr return with new hazy single, Carrion, the first cut from their upcoming project.

Having kept their fans waiting on new music for nearly 3 years while solely playing live shows, this new single delivers on all fronts. It seems that Gengahr’s forthcoming album will take a much more visceral and hard-hitting approach, to the indie/surf-rock material they made themselves known for after their debut album A Dream Outside (2015). This is by no means a bad thing though, as their knack for great songwriting and enticing vocals remains despite the chaos.

Beginning with a hazy, distorted guitar intro, the song is propelled forwards by some dynamic drumming which the guitar work plays off beautifully. The chorus is an eruption of wailing melodies and falsetto vocals, a strangely effective and catchy combination that leads into a warped guitar solo that shows Gengahr taking a more psychedelic sonic turn.

With the band beginning to play shows around the UK there will no doubt be a full tour once a release date for their confirmed new album is announced.

Speaking about their second LP, they say they “have never worked harder or more creatively on anything” in their lives, and not only is this evident with Carrion, it also increases the anticipation for it.

One things for sure, if Gengahr continue in this direction, a new album would be a very exciting and interesting listen.

Listen to the song below, accompanied by some great visuals:

Credit: GengahrVEVO


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