Reverend And The Makers Are Rising The Charts With ‘The Death Of A King’

Written by Eli Sulaiman

Indie-rock fans, you’re in for a real treat. Reverend & The Makers are happy to bring you their newest album The Death Of A King. Reverend & The Makers are made up of five people –Jon McClure, Ed Cosens, Joe Carnall, Laura McClure and Ryan Jenkinson. This indie-rock band is no stranger when it comes to soaring high in the charts. Their previous albums landed amongst the UK Top 20 Albums and Top Five Indie chart singles, and they’ve toured as supporting acts with bands like Oasis and Arctic Monkeys so you know you’ve got to give them a chance.

Reverend & The Makers have a sound that’s like a mix between The Black Keys and Rainbow Kitten Surprise. Each of their songs from Death Of A King did not let me down, but of course I’ve always been a fan of indie-rock myself.

On Bang Saray, their second song off of the album, you can hear something similar to the arrangement of traditional Thai music with the strings at the forefront playing a classic Thai-like melody. Halfway through the song it transitions into an edgy, indie-rock track. While the strings are still at the front it’s now accompanied by drums and distorted guitar. The Death Of A King was actually recorded in Thailand which explains the influence in the sound of this track. The song is named after a Thai fishing village, which was where the band decided to record and film for The Death Of A King. Bang Saray could be a tribute to the place that helped bring together their sixth album. The band’s family members came along as well and even did some backing vocals for some of the tracks.

Carlene is kept simple with just two things: a piano and a lead vocalist. The piano lays out a playful melody paired with vocals that remind me of the lead singer from The Influencer’s. Black Cat is one of my favourites so far and it reminds me of nights at a café bar in the city, not too far from the vibes of a Le Chat Noir poster. Too Tough To Die which is one of their first premiered tracks off of the album. It’s something you would hear in the background at a game of pool or if you’re like me, it’ something you’d blast on a Sunday at home while you get some writing done. Don’t forget to check out the music video below!

The Reverend & The Makers will have five shows in the UK in October/November. Tickets can be found here:


14th Garage, Glasgow

25th Electric Ballroom, London

27th Academy, Sheffield

28th Academy, Sheffield


4th Academy, Manchester

Check out their music video for Too Tough To Die right here:

Credit: ReverendMakersVEVO

Now sit back and enjoy their album The Death Of A King!:

Credit: Reverend & The Makers


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