Injury Reserve Are Making Waves Ahead Of Upcoming EP ‘Drive It Like It’s Stolen’

Written by Ken Chee Foong

Let’s talk about the tracks Injury Reserve are teasing us with for their soon-to-be released album: North Pole and See You Sweat. 

See You Sweat is the second release teasing Injury Reserve’s upcoming EP Drive It Like It’s Stolen and it’s a legitimate banger that they’re known for. Injury Reserve is a hip hop trio formed in 2014, hailing from Arizona. The group consists of rappers Stepa J. Groggs, Ritchie with a T and producer Parker Corey. Drive It Like It’s Stolen is set to be released on September 29th this year.

See You Sweat features some beautiful production from Parker sampling police sirens, water drops, breathing and some tribal-like percussions. The song gives off an early 2000s Neptunes vibe that Pharell would be extremely proud of. Ritchie and Stepa murdered the beat with their charismatic verses. Ritchie starts off the song with a butter-like flow with Groggs being the polar opposite with his robotic flow.

Instead of promoting the release of their latest EP with bangers like Oh Shit!!!, the trio has also given us their most somber and personal track yet named North Pole. The song starts with some very distinct guitar chords and vocal chops that continues throughout the song featuring vocals from Austin Feinstein who has previously worked with the likes of Tyler, the Creator. North Pole is a song that leaves listeners in deep thought because of Stepa and Ritchie’s verses referring to their vulnerable past. Ritchie’s verse is about his father who passed away due to drug overdose while Austin’s hook contributes to the overall mournful feel of the song.

Injury Reserve have been making waves in the hip hop scene with their first project Live From The Dentist Office released in 2015 creating sounds of modern jazz rap. Songs like Whatever Dude and ttktv are stand out tracks with the latter having a James Blake-like production. The trio showed their versatility by crafting records ranging from somber raps to hyper jazzy, with heavy influences from none other than A Tribe Called Quest whilst also carrying an exciting and charismatic aura following in the footsteps of groups like Odd Future and even Brockhampton.

Their two latest singles North Pole and See You Sweat are polar opposites which showcases the group’s versatility that has shown throughout their previous projects. Injury Reserve is a group that deserves the same level of hype that Brockhampton are getting recently with their Saturation series.

Check out See You Sweat and North Pole below:

Credit: InjuryReserve


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