Groove-Pop Newcomers FIKA Release Debut Single ‘Wide Eyed’

Written by Rahoul Naik

FIKA are London’s new Groove Pop duo made up of Sam Hutton & Al Wreaves. Having studied music together for the best part of 4 years, when Al moved within a stones throw of Sam in South London at the start of 2017 – 4 years later – they felt obliged to start making music together. FIKA was born.

FIKA is a Swedish concept to “take a break & have coffee”. The band think more should adopt this great concept, so they’re writing some tunes to fit the groove. Take a break & FIKA whilst you fika.

Listening to their debut single, you can hear influences of Jazz, Blues, Soul, Funk, Electronic and Pop, something they admit themselves. Some of their biggest influences come in the form of D’Angelo, John Mayer, Tom Misch and Mercury Prize nominee, Loyle Carner. The duo also have a FKJ and Sango vibe which is massively in right now.

Their new single, Wide Eyed, is made perfectly for Sunday afternoons full of a little groove, lots of tea and a bit of sunshine too. The track has a beautiful guitar lead that carries the listener throughout the track, whilst the vocals ride the simple electro-pop beat with ease.

They’re keen to keep the momentum up following the Wide Eyed release and plan to drop a tune every 4-6 weeks until they have enough songs to take their set live. They’ll also be packaging everything up into an EP at the end of the year.

Whilst we wait for some new grooves from the duo, listen to Wide Eyed below and check them out on Facebook too.



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