Rina Sawayama Continues Her Genre-Bending With ‘Alterlife’

Written by Francis Barton

Up-and-coming Londoner, Rina Sawayama, released her latest track, Alterlife via Soundcloud earlier this week.

Although Sawayama describes her sound as ‘Cute R&B’ on her Facebook page, there is something more genre-bending about her recent work which can be heard on the new track.

The track opens up with busy industrial sounds, reminiscent of a telephone line which soon gives way for a rock guitar lead and synths which eventually die down into a much more steady pop beat. It’s definitely a sound that can be related back to the Pop-R&B era of the noughties with the chorus really sounding like a Spice Girls or Steps chorus.

The most standoutish part of the track has to be the driving guitar that guides the song and piques the listener’s interest at the most important part of the songs.

Alterlife shows a slightly different side to Sawayama and it’s a side that we really like. Compared to her past tracks like Cyber Stockholm Syndrome which features a much more ‘traditional’ R&B sound like Tayá and Mabel or Where You Are which has a much more funk-driven sound like Miguel – it’s clear to see Rina is flexing her muscles and we are captivated.

On a brilliant side note, it feels like the song would be great over anime fight scenes compilations.

Rina will be showing more of her music off at The Pickle Factory in London in early November and you can find out more on her Facebook page.

Listen to Alterlife yourself below:


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