Not3s Links Up With MoStack For Their Latest Afro-Trap Viral Hit

Written by Francis Barton

Resident afro-trappers Not3s and MoStack united on their new song, Celebration, produced by the almost household name Steel Banglez.

Not3s recently came up through tracks such like Addison Lee and Aladdin which has helped cement the young Londoner’s name in the new and growing Afro-Trap scene. Similarly, MoStack has played with a few genres over the last couple of years but really came into his own this year with tracks like Liar Liar and Ussy Ussy. 

The visuals for the new track are kept simple, with a tennis court and a shisha café being the main focal points of the upbeat video.

As is with afro-trap, the autotune and the catchy beat are the main components, and both are in abundance here. The theme of the song is along the lines of the rise to stardom and how the artists are grateful for everything that has happened to them. It’s refreshing to see how fame hasn’t gone to their head and they’ve stayed humble and grateful for their meteoric rise in the music scene.

This is not the first great track Not3s has released in recent times; his collaboration with Young x Adz came out 9 days prior and surpassed 1.2 million views.

You can hear Celebration below here:

Credit: GRM Daily



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