Kida Kudz Drops Colourful Visuals For ‘Ride Or Die’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Kida Kudz has released the very colourful visuals for his latest single, Ride Or Die.

Kida Kudz is a name many will already be familiar with as his UK/Afro fusion music has gone down a treat of a number of years now. Most interesting is Kudz’ story of winning a variety of talent competitions back in Nigeria before he came to study and work in the UK.

After supporting the likes of T-Pain and WizKid, Kudz has really come into his own with his latest slew of tracks and it seems we may even be getting a project from him quite soon.

Having built a strong foundation in both the UK and Africa through his video releases of tracks such as Roll Up featuring AbraCadabra and the well received Issa Vibe, both premiered via GRM Daily.

The video is packed with flavour and bold colours, drawing on influences from original Hip-Hop videos and cheeky nods to the sexual connotations of the lyrics. R&B flavours and Afrobeats merge in a melodic and playful way adding to the diversity in styles previously witnessed from the ever growing Kida Kudz.

A previous winner of the renowned ‘Peak Talent Show’ in Nigeria, Kudz is already amongst some of the best Nigerian musicians arounds.

He has since focussed on his music and following the release of ‘Ride or Die’, already has a stream of new music to follow, featuring some of the UK’s most exciting talent, including Kojo Funds, who featured on 2016’s Don’t Play.

Watch the video for Ride Or Die below:



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