Jacob Banks Makes Us Feel A Certain Way On ‘Unknown (To You)’

Written by Alessa Frenkel

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Banks just dropped his new single Unknown (To You) via Interscope Records and it’s safe to say – it hits you right in the feels.

A friend of mine once said “Drake makes me miss girls I’ve never even met” and the same applies to Jacob Banks. Every time I hear the Birmingham native sing I feel things I didn’t think I could feel.

Unknown (To You) is the new version of his former song Unknown with fresh production that emphasizes his epic vocals. Starting off with simple piano chords and ending with a full gospel choir, the track truly mirrors the emotions Banks so smoothly sings about.

In it, he wrestles with a broken heart and the torturous blame game breakup talks we’ve all been through (“Look at all this heartache, what is left?/Forgetting how it started, this is how it ends, oh no/I know I’ve done some wrong I’ll pay for it/But it’s your turn to talk, for once I’m listening”).

The soul singer who loves to intertwine old and new sounds dropped his EP The Boy Who Cried Freedom in April of this year and is now set to head out on his tour through North America and Europe. Venues are quickly selling out so if you happen to be in proximity, be sure to go see the power house that is Jacob Banks live.

Check out his tour dates here and single below:

Brb. Just gonna go cry now.




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