Bjork Reveals Delicate New Single ‘The Gate’ From ‘Utopia’ LP

Written by Leo Baldi

Bjork has finally released her much anticipated new single The Gate and it is the start of a brilliant new sound and direction for the legendary artist.

The song was supposed to be released on the 18th of this month, yet it seems that excitement to share her new work with her fans got the better of Bjork. The Gate was released on all platforms on the yesterday instead. That’s some way to try steal New Music Friday!

The new single anticipates her upcoming ninth studio album, Utopia, and was produced together with her frequent collaborator, Arca. The Gate features, yet again, a completely different sound palette. Vulnicura, her 2015 record was heavy on strings and deep beats, while this new direction displays airy and light flutes and wind instruments complemented by more open vocal harmonies, silent pauses and lyrics.

The track itself talks about the transformation of the wound on her chest back from her heartbreak on Vulnicura into The Gate where she can now start receiving and giving love from.

As Bjork stated in her Dazed interview, Utopia was going to be her ‘Tinder record’ because she was ready to date again, so it is fitting that the first single be about the fragility and delicate excitement of a first date.

If you care for me I’ll care for you’ are words that might symbolise the birth of a new love, but unfortunately I don’t think Bjork is ready to tell anyone yet about her new love life.

In the meantime, I recommend you try to decode The Gate, because it is stunning music.



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