Cherryade Are About To Be Your New Favourite Pop Rebels

Written by Rahoul Naik

Calling out Theresa May’s bullshit, talking about gold digging and now putting out a big ‘f**k you’ to the fakes out there all seems to be simple and easy for upcoming pop duo, Cherryade.

The London-based duo have released their new single Blah Blah, a delicious dancefloor anthem produced by Dillistone (Dua Lipa, Frances). Laden with electronic beats and addictive synth-lines, it’s laced with devil-may-care attitude and the sweet yet fierce vocals of singer Ella.

Working alongside long-time friend and partner-in-crime Alex, the rebellious pair are not afraid to voice their thoughts. They explain, ‘We wrote this song about people getting distracted with material things and focusing on style over substance. We love pop music but so many artists we love don’t really say anything, so it’s partially addressing that as well, but at the same time it’s also really tongue-in-cheek and fun.”

It follows the previously released pop banger Get By which is about “marrying your rich granddad for his money and then throwing him down a canyon”. It was straight away added to Apple Music’s New Artist Spotlight and Best of the Week playlist as well as Spotify’s ‘Weekly Buzz’ playlist and has achieved various US TV syncs. It comes with an equally outrageous video which you can watch here.

Ella and Alex met at school and fled to London to begin their musical antics. They’ve since worked with the likes of Ant Whiting (M.I.A), Lewis Gardiner (PRIDES, KLOE), Dimitri Tikovoi (MNEK) and Shaun Canning (LOVE SICK), and their first releases: ‘Fractured Fairytales’‘The Crown’ and ‘Houdini’ racked up an abundance of support from the likes of CLASH, Wonderland, BBC Introducing and more.

They recently dropped the one-off track ‘Theresa May (Bullshit)’ in the lead up to the general election which Clash described as “spitefully hilarious and completely on-point”. This track made clear to us that Cherryade are not just about belting out pop hits or fronting over lavish material things, they are here to be real and spread the right messages.

Drawing inspiration from socio-political issues, pop culture, astrophysics, Lil’ Kim and reruns of South Park, Cherryade are ready to break the popstar mould.

Go find Cherryade on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and listen to Blah Blah below.




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