Swift & Loski Team Up For Epic ‘Ugly Faces’

Written by Edward Burrell

This is one of the link ups that fans have been wondering about for quite a while. Section Boyz brought out Loski as a guest during their performance at Wireless Festival this year, and it was a huge success. With both groups being big in the UK Drill rap scene, this was bound to happen.

Ugly Faces is a result of Swift (Section Boyz) and Loski (Harlem Spartans) teaming up. Although it’s only the two of them on vocals for this track, as many members as possible from both groups were present for the music video.

Swift has always had a unique flow, with adlibs that make him one of a kind in the drill rap scene. Alongside the beat, Swift sounds devilish with his lyrics bringing a much darker vibe. “Caught my man at the station, the pussy left on his location” is going to be a reload bar for sure. Swift is the hook specialist for Section Boyz so I’m not surprised at how good the hook is.

Loski’s flow is more orthodox, it’s like the Harlem Spartans, patented it and simply share it between them. Therefore, I think Loski and the rest of Harlem Spartans have been climbing so fast in popularity because they’ve developed their own sound so fast.

This link up will get a lot of fans excited. Harlem Spartans are yet to releases any larger projects, maybe this is a step towards that direction. It’s worked out extremely well for 67 and Section Boyz, hopefully Harlem Spartans will blow up to become just as big.

Check out the video for the massive collaboration below:

Credit: Section Boyz



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