Daniel Ceasar Turns Love Guru On Sophomore LP ‘Freudian’

Written by Dorica Santos

My fellow R&B Soul fans, I think we have a perfect album. Yes, Daniel Caesar’s Freudian, can easily be considered one of the best album this year, maybe even this century. With gems like Get You and Blessed, how could one ignore the beauty that this album brings? Freudian focuses on narrating the successes and failures of relationships and love, with 10 stunning tracks that all, if not, most touches your soul.

Get You is the opening track and still never fails to amaze me. The combination of the sexy guitar, suave bass and dreamy collaboration with Colombian singer, Kali Uchis, sets the perfect vibe for the rest of the album. The track demonstrates Caesar’s impressive vocals, likewise, his ability to hold elegant notes. Having Uchis’ airy and racy voice on the track, emphasise the emotions felt in a relationship, despite the fact it may turn into “memories”. For me, this track is one of my favourites and will always be.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, Caesar blesses us with Best Part featuring H.E.R. For those who don’t know, I strongly advise you to check out her EPs, she is a vocal goddess. I’ve said it time and time again, but I am the ultimate sucker for the acoustic guitar; the simple instrumental encourages the listener to embraces the majestic vocals and harmonies. Now I am single, but these two artists sing with so much emotion that their feelings is transported through my headphones into my body. Yes, it is that deep. I can only imagine what it is like to listen to this live. Magical.

It’s clear that the main theme of the album is relationships; what they make you do and feel. Hold Me Down, the title speaks for itself yet features a sample of Kirk Franklin’s gospel track Hold Me Now, hinting Caesar’s tracks could potentially be showing a relationship with God , which also appears on the title track. The album has a mixture of styles, from R&B, Gospel, Soul and a bit of Funk as heard by the bass in Neu Roses (Transgressor’s Song).

Track 5 and 6, Loose and We Find Love, demonstrates the creativity in the album. Despite the ending of Loose being recited in We Find Love and both talking about the ending of a relationship there is contrasting moods; Loose is greyer whereas We Find Love is more melodic up-lifting.

The album continues to surprise listeners and never once, not once, makes you want to take a break. With tracks likes Blessed and collaborations with artists such as Syd and Charlotte Day Wilson the album benefits from a heightened level of soul and passion.

The saying “save the best to last,” definitely relates to this album, with the last track Freudian. Caesar closes his album with a 10 minutes, yes 10 minute but worth it, track wearing his heart of his sleeve evidently trusting his fans with his emotions and thoughts.

There is so much to say about this album but most definitely, it is an album for everyone, with unique vocals, great vibes and raw emotions; not one to pass up on. It is currently residing in perfect Grammy territory too, just saying. So, light some candles, grab a drink, put your feet up and embrace this beauty of an album that the talented Daniel Caesar has trusted us with.

Listen to Best Part featuring H.E.R. below:

Credit: EscapeTracks



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