London To Madrid: Meron T Drops New Single ‘Brandy Magic’

Written by Rahoul Naik

The art of being able to place one’s self so perfectly between genres is something that very few are yet to master, however at the tender age of 23, Meron T has been able to do exactly that. Placed delicately between the tight grooves of R&B, Jazz and Soul; Meron’s music is built for those late nights and Sunday afternoons.

Meron’s new single, Brandy Magic showcases how perfectly she is able to sit between genres, straddling a hi-hat led drum beat with beautiful keys and synths over the top. The classic soul vibe. Produced by Lewisham’s Kyo, the track has some serious Jorja Smith x NAO x Ray BLK vibes and it’s easy to see where the appeal is.

Speaking on her biggest inspirations, Meron stated that “I have many. In the realms of Neo-Soul, the likes of D’angelo and Erykah Badu are musicians that have guided me through life and blessed my ears. Another true love of mine, unknown to many, is the king of Bossa Nova, Joao Gilberto. His voice and sound is certainly one that has strongly influence my tone and singing style, one that is so soft and beautiful, which I have learnt a lot from. Micheal Jackson was also a love of mine from very young.

Music has been my life always really.” Meron continued about her first venture into music, “from childhood you’d always catch me singing around the house, non stop. To this day it’s the same. But, it all got more serious when I went to uni, when I started to take it more seriously. At 19 I finally wrote and recorded my first song, started doing open mic nights and getting my confidence up really. That’s when I realised it could actually become a thing, and stopped only just singing alone in the shower, but to my friends and eventually to the public.” Good job she did too!

My aspiration for Brandy Magic is for it to be enjoyed, and reach new ears, demonstrating my musical potentials. It’s just a little taster for bigger projects to come, something to keep the listeners happy and remind people I’m still around and I’m not going to sit on my talent, I’m going to fulfil it.

Meron is now back in the UK after spending some time in Madrid studying and it is clear to see from Brandy Magic that she is back with some serious intent to get back into the game and stay there for a long time.

You can find Meron on Facebook and Instagram.

Listen to Brandy Magic below:


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