Geko Drops ‘Lock The Door’ Despite Severe Illness

Written by Edward Burrell

Geko is a name that has been bouncing around the UK Hip-Hop scene for a long time and he continues his garage of singles in 2017 with Lock The Door.

This man’s work rate has been impressive to say the least. He has come such a long way from being a little kid at USG (with K Koke) to get to where he is now. From appearances on Safone’s latest album, The Link Up to performing at Wireless in front of thousands of his fans; Geko just keeps the ball rolling and it doesn’t look he’s slowing down.

Many wondered if Geko would continue to make music at the speed he is as he was diagnosed with cancer only a few months ago. Although the full details have not been disclosed, it is positive to see Geko still trying to live his dream.

Lock The Door is going to be one those tunes that inspires everyone to get freaky on club nights. The music video as well as the song itself is just downright sexy, and that’s one thing he has brought to the UK Scene. From taking girls to the bathroom, to now being locked in with a hot girl he’s never met before, Geko seems to have a life many men would be jealous of. But male or female, no matter your sexual orientation, this song will be almost hypnotizing, and you’ll have all the lyrics memorised on no time.

Keep an eye out for Geko’s upcoming project entitled 22, that he keeps teasing us with, just like he does with his songs.

Credit: GRM Daily


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