DJ Ironik Returns & Links Up With Snoop Dogg For New Single ‘Tuff’

Written by Rahoul Naik

DJ Ironik is a name that anyone under the age of 15 probably won’t be very familiar with, however for everyone over that age, you will remember DJ Ironik as the genius behind tracks such as Stay With Me and Tiny Dancer with Chip & Elton John. After a while away from the spotlight, Ironik returns with one of the most surprising collaborations of 2017 as he gets Snoop Dogg on his new single, Tuff. 

Tuff is exactly what it says on the tin. With a big reverberating bassline rumbling through the depths of this fresh joint, the pair drop the record as the first record from Ironik’s forthcoming album Truth Be Told, set for release on the 22nd September alongside a live launch show at The Bull Theatre in Barnet, North London.

Ironik shot to fame as a 19 year old, initially as a DJ and producer where he worked closely with the likes of Tinie Tempah and Chip, and then he made his debut as an artist releasing the video for So Nice on seminal music station Channel U.

The video led to him being taken under the wing of the grime scene but his music often portrayed a softer edge to other acts, tinged with R&B, Hip-Hop and UK Garage, something which clearly resonated well with music lovers and those discovering Ironik as his second release, Stay With Me landed him a number 5 official chart position and from there on in his successes grew, resulting in a further top 5 single, one top 10 single, a top 10 album, and over a million record sales.

Truth Be Told is only my second studio album since my first, No Point In Wasting Tears and it’s definitely my best work to date.” says Ironik of the album. “I’ve been all over the world in the last two years DJ’ing in countries like Dubai, Japan and all over Europe and its undoubtedly inspired my music but there’s no place like home and whilst I reflect the influences I’ve had, the album remains a testament to being UK and homegrown.

Check out the track below and get ready for DJ Ironik to return with a more updated sound and hopefully some even more surprising collaborations.


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