Major Muzik Entertainment Showcases Young Talent On ‘BALL’

Written by Edward Burrell

Major Muzik is a brand-new label started by the legendary Sharky Major (one of the founding members of N.A.S.T.Y Crew). By using his various contacts, he has managed to push out music videos, iTunes releases and special events such as Grime Originals.

The roster of MCs on the label currently include: Stormin, Biggaman, King Rah, Black Steve and of course Sharky Major. However other MCs such as Reece West, Slickman Party, Irah and Armour have affiliated themselves with the event through the Grime Originals events.

Black Steve and Reece West team up for their football inspired single BALL, and as the Premier League just restarted for another season, the timing is perfect. From the hook to the music video, thing song stays true to the theme. The video is light-hearted, with both Reece West and Black Steve sporting “Major Muzik” T-Shirts playing football on some astro-turf, flashing some impressive skills might I add.

But neither of them want to let you forget that they have punchlines for days, it didn’t surprise me that Reece West wanted to be on this track, considering one of my favourite lyrics from him is “like Kevin De Bruyne I’m carving teams”. Black Steve has a sick flow and the amount of football references he manages to cram into his verse is comparable to AJ Tracey’s False 9.

Keep and eye for any other releases from Major Muzik as well as the next Grime Originals event.

Credit: Risky Roadz


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