Manchester’s Tobi Sunmola Screams Injustice On New Single ‘Simba’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Upcoming artist Tobi Sunmola has been a name that poured from the lips of those in the music industry, from being mentioned as one of MOBO’s ones to watch to giving us an insight into his world in our last interview.

Sunmola returns to our eyes and ears with his latest effort, Simba. The upbeat hip-hop instrumental, co-produced by TWO4KAY, is very much suited to Sunmola’s unique delivery and he is able to find intricate gaps within which he can weave his creativity.

His last project, Childhood Culture really put him up with other upcoming stars such as Kojey Radical and Simba already seems like a more mature and though-provoking sound compared to his earlier work.

Speaking to us about the inspiration of the track, Sunmola said “I made Simba to vent out my frustration at the time. As well as music, I was going through a lot in my personal life. I lost someone I cared about and owe my being here and alive to. I produced the instrumental and took it to Two4Kay to expand on it. I already had things to say so recording was just a case of letting out my feelings.

Sunmola is quick to talk about the struggles of trying to achieve something great in the murky world that we live in; black, white, gay or straight we all have obstacles to face.

Speaking about his upcoming work and the rest of 2017, Sunmola said to expect “more vulnerability. Me talking about things that no one else in mainstream music will talk about and reflecting the times in my personal life and life around me. With more heavy drums, more striking instrumentals, more waves.

For us it seems that Tobi has put himself on a track to succeed with his music, his unique voice and the messages he is conveying and we think you should be with him every step of the way too.

Check out Simba below:


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