Tottenham’s Hottest Prospect: (Re)Introducing Reppy Hustle

Written by Rahoul Naik

Reppy Hustle, 24, has been part of the huge influx of talented rappers the UK has seen within the last 18 months, each fighting for their own slice of the pie and notable success. With a clear determination, visible through his consistent video output across key influencer platforms including GRM Daily and Link Up TV, Reppy has proven himself to be one of the key newcomers and is now making his transition from the underground to the notable ‘one to watch’ stomping ground.

Reppy’s latest release Let Me Be is a well-rounded tune with all of the trimmings, giving a taster of what Reppy Hustle is really capable of in his music. A harmonious instrumental is satisfying on the ears, whilst the deep bass adds just the right kick of spice and movement to the mix. Other notable tracks include Rider, You Were Acting and Council Block Boy; all have been featured on sites such as LinkupTV and GRM Daily.

We caught up with the rising star to talk about his musical beginnings, what we can expect in 2017 and who/what really motivates him to make music. Check it all out below.

Let’s go back to the beginning; what was the first step you took in music? What was the point where you thought, ‘this is what I want to do’?

Reppy Hustle: “Yeah, it was the first time I went into the studio. It was years ago now. The first time I went to a show, the first time I made a video. These are the things that did and continue to remind me what I got into music and why I want to be doing music

On that note, who would you class as your biggest inspirations inside and outside of music?

RH: “Right now, I will say Jay-Z. It has to be Jay-Z. Everything he has done in his career, his own label, the whole empire he has built

Would you say that your new track Rider almost an homage to his ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ track in the sense that it has been completely flipped and turned over with a UK vibe but it still is very much a Jay-Z inspired track?

RH: “Yeah, I am a big fan, I listen to him right now and so when I hear the beat, I knew I had to put something on it

What kind of artists are you listening to right now? Who’s popping off on your Spotify or Apple Music?

RH: “Gatez, who is on the Rider tune, he has a lot more coming out too. Another artist from North London called Danzey. Of course we have Jay-Z with his 4:44 album and Travis Scott’s Butterfly Effect too. When it comes to Gatez, and my producer Flyboy, working with these guys gives me my own ideas and inspiration

Let’s talk about your first single on Spotify Let Me Be. What was the thought and recording process like behind that? What do you hope to achieve with the track?

RH: “I got the beat off the producer and we went straight to the studio to put down the bars with Gatez in the studio. They were saying that it did sound good. Sometimes you need reassuring that a track does have some value to it. So we went to shoot a video and I wanted to take this more seriously and so we put it out on Spotify and Apple Music too. I want to reach more people, more radio plays, more views and that is the aspiration

This style of rapping that you have adopted on tracks like ‘Let Me Be‘ is something that is popular right now and is a much more melodic way of getting your messages across. Is there a specific reason as to why you went for this kind of flow/sound compared to the much more traditional way of going about things?

RH: “I don’t mind man. I can flow in a variety of ways. I haven’t been someone who can just stick to one thing. Right now it is the melodic style of rap and before it was a lot different. I go off the beats and instrumentals we play with.

How much do you think your sound has changed from the No Mercy Mixtape to last year’s Miracle and more recently tracks like Rider and Let Me Be?

RH: “If you listen to ‘No Mercy’, that was years ago and that is very versatile, I have tracks for different atmospheres and environments. In terms of my sound, the sound of our scene in general has developed as we have had our come up so right now it is fresh and we ride that wave too.

On that subject, what is your relationship like with Gatez? Is this a collaboration that we are likely to see more and more of?

RH: “Gatez is my cousin so we will always be around each other. I’m always down with collaborating with other artists as long as it works so with Gatez, we have a great relationship on and off the mic but it goes for other singers, MCs and producers too.

How important do you think channels like SBTV, Linkup TV, Risky Roadz and so forth are to the independent movement of grime, Hip-hop and rap in the UK?

RH: “They are very important because you can go there and people can find and discover you and your music. My personal account on Youtube might not have as many as LinkUp and GRM Daily have, but once I put my music up there, you reach more and new people. That’s what is important about them.

If you could be a cocktail, what would you be and why? If not a cocktail, then a drink.

RH: “I love Strawberry Daiquiris; I’ve been sipping it everywhere. It gets me into a good vibe, proper chilled out. What more do we need.

What can we expect from you, music wise, in 2017?

RH: “I am going to drop way more videos before the year ends so expect that, and who knows we could even have a Let Me Be remix too. There are a few things coming so keep up with it all-online.

Where can people find you online?

RH: “@ReppyHustle on everything, that is Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Check out the video for Let Me Be below:

Credit: GRM Daily



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