Waju And Kyle The Hooligan Are Back At It With ‘4 Me’

Written by Eli Sulaiman

All the way from New York, producer and songwriter Waju released a new soothing, R&B/electronic single called for 4 Me, and he’s not alone on this one. Atlanta’s Kyle The Hooligan joins him with soothing, soulful vocals to nail the vibe of the story being told.

Waju comments that “this song is about a person fighting the temptations of being with other women and struggling to be a good man.” Waju and Kyle The Hooligan have previously worked with each other on their hit single Liquor with No Juice. MILK says that Waju and Kyle The Hooligan are a musical match. Kyle interprets the vibe and feel intended for the song so well that it was made to be a hit. The track’s story is a “real, raw, honest window into someone’s life, and that makes it all the more impactful”. 

Waju’s sound has been shaped by his upbringing in both Sweden and New York. He’s previously worked with artists such as an unnamed talent from Stockholm on an outstanding debut single FADED, Australian artist NYNE, and ongoing projects with R&B newcomer Teflon Sega

Look for WAJU’S upcoming music video 4 Me set to release in the next few weeks, and additional original releases coming in 2017 from the New York Producer.

4 Me on Spotify, Beatport and iTunes

Listen to 4 Me on SoundCloud:

Credit: WAJU


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