Eugy Leads The Way In New Song ‘Captain’

Written by Francis Barton

The Ghanaian-UK craze Eugy has released a new song just in time for the end of Summer. Featuring Siza, Captain encapsulates both British and Twi rap, with the Ghanaian side of things enhanced by the tropical location of the video, which shows Eugy-amongst others- on a lavish boat. The lyrics themselves are some of the catchiest of the week and the Ghanaian accent helps with this, especially in lines such as “So gyal you got this ting that you do, when you do it got me feeling like a masta. We don’t watch nobody else, we don’t need nobody else, we moving dread like a Rasta”. Siza’s singing between the rap verses offers a nice break and contrast, allowing each part of Eugy’s vocals to be appreciated more.

This is the fourth of six songs off Eugy’s debut EP Flavourz, which overall was a success with other hit songs on it including Prize.

Watch Captain yourself here:

Credit: EugyTV

Flavourz can be purchased on all major platforms or streamed on Spotify!


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