Nick Mulvey Sings Of Lands And Fracking On New Release ‘We Are Never Apart’

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

The British acoustic-folk musician Nick Mulvey has returned with a new single, We Are Never Apart, which tackles the current fracking situation in Lancashire and the discontent and disconnectedness a people can feel with a land.

Mulvey sings “Oh Myela my love they say the pipeline is coming/ Black bears at the summit/ Gonna have to move on”, representing an feeling of severance with a land through the eyes of a people who weren’t listened to. This is actively referenced later in the song, where Mulvey sings “Even though Lancashire said no/ Quadrilla say they fracking anyway.” It’s dulcet and sombre tone reflects the feelings currently residing in Lancashire, evident of resentment and hopelessness.

The music itself is down-tempo, a simple mixture of guitar chords and orchestral accompaniment. It’s simple and fairly eloquent, capturing a mood which speaks volumes in its reticence. Along with Mulvey’s vocals, a female voice provides a soft and moving background, which comes through beautifully in the final verse, where Mulvey repeats the phrase “Paint the earth, paint the earth on me”.

Mulvey first gained attention with his debut album First Mind, which was released in 2014 through Fiction Records. His current work is geared up to his second album release, which is called Wake Up Now, and is out September 8th.

You can listen to We Are Never Apart here.

Credit: NickMulveyVEVO


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