Ady Suleiman Returns With The Soulful ‘Not Giving Up’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Many will know Grantham’s Ady Suleiman as one of Britain’s biggest soulful talents in a long while and although his 2017 has been rather quiet so far; Ady is gearing up for the release of his debut project via Pemba Records in 2018.

Our readers may have heard of Ady’s work through very well received EPs such as This Is My EP, What’s The Score (featuring Joey Bada$$) and Ady Suleiman. Suleiman produly describes his music as a “mixture of genres that have influenced me such as blues, jazz, soul, RnB, reggae and hip-hop.”

He goes on to say “I write all my songs to date on acoustic guitar. I hope my music sounds new and relevant but has a classic feel. My music is more based around live sound than programmed but i hope to find the perfect blend between these on record.” That you have managed Any, that you have.

Ady also dropped Lean On Me earlier that year and we believe that both of these cuts will be part of the debut LP, something Suleiman has been looking to do now that he has moved away from the traditional labels and works with Pemba Records.

Speaking to Complex (who premiered the track), Ady explains that “This song is about taking a step back from a painful relationship and a self-destructive person,” something we can all most definitely have some relation to.

Ady’s vocals will forever hold him higher than the rest of the genre here in the UK and in the US; we just hope that his album delivers as well as Not Giving Up.

Listen to the track below:

Credit: AdySuleimanVEVO



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