Miley Cyrus Is ‘Younger Now’ On Her Brand New Single

Written by Leo Baldi

Miley Cyrus finally announced the follow-up to the 2015 independent masterpiece Miley And Her Dead Petz  and did so by releasing a brand new single, Younger Now, as well as the cover artwork and pre-order to the homonymous album. Younger Now is officially coming out September 29th.

The title track was officially released on Friday with its accompanying music video, where Miley dances around in sparkling, retro, Elvis attire that suits her new musical direction perfectly.

The song, much like the first single Malibu, is a beautiful and uptempo homage to the delicate sensibility of the psychedelic Dead Petz and I think it’s a perfect counterbalance to the overproduced, over-polished pop that is haunting the radio these days. Guitars and a clappy beat help Cyrus perfectly deliver the simple and stunning lyrics about accepting the past and the realisation that what is done is done and the only thing you can do at times is just relax, breathe and feel a little bit younger now, without all the worries.

The video for the song is the perfect representation of the lyrics, Miley looks radiant and joyful singing with her new gang of over-sixty friends that probably have more style in one of their pinkies than I could ever dream of.

The Grease references make for a fabulous throwback, but the absolute star of the visual is Miley’s smile and that Elvis hairdo. She even has a little dance with the puppet version of her previous Hanna Montana-self (without trying to strangle her) claiming that she’s not scared of who she used to be and she doesn’t reject it. I think I can believe that, although I have no idea why people are still commenting below with the fact that she was naked on a wrecking ball and licked a hammer, which are things I constantly dream of achieving myself. Go Miley. Love. A fan.

You can check out Younger Now here.

Credit: MileyCyrusVEVO


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