Liverpool’s DENIO Return With New Single ‘Golden’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Liverpool’s newest quartet, DENIO, have released their third single, Golden. 

Consisting of Mike Davis (Vocals), Bill Caple (Drums), Andes Hernandez (Lead Guitar) and  Daniel Hernandez (Keyboards), the band have already gained support from the likes of BBC Merseyside, BBC Lancashire and GetIntoThis.

For a band that was only formed 9 months ago, DENIO show a level of clarity, maturity and chemistry that is seen is bands that they have been likened to such as Foals and Arcade Fire. Perhaps it is the perfect blend of instruments and sounds or just divine fate that they work so well, but it will most definitely hold them in good stead.

To give you an idea of the music these boys play, GetIntoThis described their last single, Cait as “a clanging post-punk study in a sterilised test tube where Foals are shaken up with The Cure’s DNA”, a big and bold description about the newly formed band.

The track is an upbeat indie-pop banger that encapsulates everything that is good about indie-pop and indie rock right now; think Arcade Fire, The 1975, and Glass Caves.

Check out the track below:


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