Toronto’s Bensley Brings Us Some Much Needed Summer Vibes On ‘Under The Sunshine’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Toronto-based producer, Bensley, has one of the most interesting stories in the music industry. The aspiring musician sent a demo to his favourite label in December 2013 and was signed exclusively within weeks. Embodying the spirit of ‘letting the music do all the talking’ with an added aspirational emphasis that talent really does get spotted amidst the oceanic pools of internet creativity, Bensley’s productions blew the roof off Ram’s Hornchurch HQ on first listen.

Bensley’s production value is very high with his D’n’B sound being something that we have come to expect with the genre in 2017, yet it is mixed so beautifully with elements of jazz and soul that just gives this young producer an edge over the competition in this tough music industry.

In Bensley’s own words, with Under The Sunshine, “I ventured into a more organic/live sound, incorporating the sound of acoustic drums, brass and string ensembles. The overall theme is heavily inspired by the relatively recent James Bond themes, and live big bands. The talented vocalist really took the track and made it her own. I feel as though her voice complements the instrumental, and the Paloma Faith-inspired style takes the tune in an amazing direction that I had never even considered upon writing it!”

Standing as one of the most resounding electronic music labels in history, RAM Records celebrates it’s 25th anniversary in 2017. Established by Andy C and Ant Miles in 1992, the label bodly placed itsel on the forefront since its inception, acting as a foundation for the drum & bass genre and seeing through its development from the very beginning.

You have to check out the track below and follow-up on some of Bensley’s biggest tracks to date like Slither.


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