LA Based Triple Threat Adanna Duru Drops Debut EP ‘Stardive’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Fan and critics might recognize Adanna Duru from her top-10 stint on American Idol in 2015, and reaching the battle rounds in Adam Levine’s team as a 15-year old on The Voice in 2012, but the 20-year old Southern California singer, songwriter and producer has gone on to achieve so much more, with support from the likes of Billboard, Yahoo Music, and many more, along the way.

Her 2016 debut mixtape, Exhibit A, boasted a breakout single for Adanna, with Seal It With A Kiss, and landed in the Music Week commercial pop charts top 20, while she began 2017 by teasing audiences with new music from her forthcoming debut EP, including well-received singles titled Quinn and Atlantis, and the recently released Fingertips.

This week, Los Angeles native Adanna Duru released her debut EP titled Stardive, which she has produced along with Grammy Award-winning production duo Wiidope, and Dauman Records’ burgeoning producer Nick Jameson, with guest appearances from fast-rising Houston rapper John Ibe and fellow Los Angeles singer and songwriter Julius.

Stardive opens with the Wiidope-produced lead single Atlantis, which is a lush and captivating electronic R&B offering, over which Adanna sings rather poignantly about how her faith in God helped her overcome depression in 2016, and the liberating slow-burning jam that is Tape, about the end of an 8-year obsession with her childhood crush. The record then enters into its own with Fingertips, a sultry slow jam backed by an 80’s inspired synth-heavy bassline and lush drums.

Other highlights on the 7-track EP include the 80’s Funk-inspired Tony, which features a glorious instrumental interlude that perfectly closes out the track, the moody and atmospheric ballad Are You Gonna Call, and the acoustic yet complex, and touching EP title track Stardive, with which Adanna continues to open up about her battle with depression, but also offers some uplifting words about trusting in the ambiguity that is your future, and finding a new level of contentment.

Speaking about the inspiration for this Stardive EP, Adanna says, “this was the perfect debut EP for me. I always told myself that I wanted my debut record to be released when I had millions of fans and a major label backing me, but things don’t always go as planned. I worked so hard to get this EP recorded. I am very blessed to be able to put it outThis EP is just a tiny part of my autobiography. It’s raw, it’s honest, it’s dark, it’s fun, it’s me. I’m just really happy with this entire record, and I hope people like it”.

You can find Adanna on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Check out the visuals for Fingertips below:



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