Tom Tripp Returns With The Upbeat And Funky ‘Pamela’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Many of our readers may not be fully aware of Tom Tripp, where he is from or what he does. But, today we will change that.

The young Londoner has released his second single of 2017 in the shape of the funky Pamela. Tripp manages to mix the best elements of R&B, Soul, electronic and Hip-Hop to fuse a unique yet very stylish mix that sits well between indie pop, R&B and electronic.

Tripp started out originally as an electronic music producer, as his Facebook page still tells us, however, once he linked up with NAO and her label Little Tokyo to release his first ever solo cut, Amelia; the worries of being a kid on Cally Road Estate basically disappeared.

His newest single has been released on his own label, Prime Sound.

Speaking to Wonderland Magazine, Tripp said that he “got involved in music production because I found as a young kid that whenever I’d listen to music, I was always drawn to the melody and instrumentation of a song. I’d almost block out the lyrics and specifically try and figure out what synths and sounds were being played.

If one is to now listen carefully to both Aurelia and Pamela, one can hear the craft of production on the beats and mixing which shoes that Tripp is not a one trick pony or a fluke; this kid has talent.

As big fans of this neo-soul genre that the likes of NAO are making space for, Tripp has a bright future ahead of him and if his next string of singles continue in this vain then we can assure you that Tom Tripp will be the name on everyone’s tongue.

Listen to Pamela before:


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