Death From Above Unveil New Single And New Album

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

Two-piece rockers Death From Above (Previously known as Death From Above 1979) have released the latest single Never Swim Alone, from their upcoming new album Outrage! Is Now. The new album will be their third, and the latest since 2014’s The Physical World. 

The latest release Never Swim Alone is a further improvement on their already well-known and liked idiosyncratic mixture of raucous percussion and effects-heavy bass. It’s punchy, danceable, and rather anthemic.

On the new album, vocalist and drummer Sebastien Grainger stated “The myth of what we should be didn’t exist any more. There was never a moment where we took a conventional path – either writing or recording. Eric [Valentine, Queens Of The Stone Age] has been making records for decades and we managed to make him say: “Well, that’s a first!” during every song! There was always some strange element thrown in. In a way it’s a very serious record, but dressed in a really fun outfit.”

Outrage! Is Now will be released on September 8th. You can check out the video to Never Swim Alone here.

Credit: Death From Above 1979


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