Brockhampton Continue Their 2017 Onslaught With ‘JUNKY’

Written by Kelsey Raynor

A Brand New Abstract Track from BROCKHAMPTON.

Adding more fuel to the fire, BROCKHAMPTON’s latest of a number releases is continuing to spur on the excitement of their new album: SATURATION II. With the announcement of SATURATION II’s release to be on the 25th of August alongside the third and seemingly-final track to be shared from the album, JUNKY, on the 16th of August, the countless fans of the self-proclaimed ‘American Boyband’ are becoming overwhelmed with their anticipation for the album.

JUNKY transitions smoothly from the two previous releases, GUMMY and SWAMP. The Kevin Abstract fronted band has given us the privilege of a new video to accompany their latest track, having been shot in Los Angeles, the video is trippy and bouncing with energy.

Once again, as with every other previous video and track, we see the groups endless talent and artistic skills. To add to the excitement, the band are taking to the road next month for their ‘Jennifers Tour‘.

Excitement for SATURATION II is at an all-time high and so to satisfy your cravings, check out the video for JUNKY below.



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