Wolf Alice Release Third Single From Upcoming Album

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

Wolf Alice have released the third single from their upcoming album, Visions Of A Life. It’s called Beautifully Unconventional, and it’s short, incredibly groovy, and we love it.

The releases for Visions Of A Life have represented two ends of the musical spectrum for Wolf Alice, with first release Yuk Foo being a punky, no-fucks-given, in-your-face rager, whereas the more recent Don’t Delete The Kisses was more reticent, softer, more eloquent, and very beautiful. Beautifully Unconventional lies closer to the softer side of Wolf Alice’s music, but still is very much a danceable number. All these songs paint a very diverse picture of what the final sound of the new album could be, which is very intriguing.

The London four-piece will release Visions Of A Life on September 29th.

You can listen to Beautifully Unconventional here.

Credit: WolfAliceVEVO


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