Weird Is The New Cool On BROCKHAMPTON’s New Single ‘Swamp’

Written by Alessa Frenkel

BROCKHAMPTON is a name you will want to remember for the future. The unusually large collective made up of 15 artists have somehow made “weird” the new “cool” with music videos ranging from blue painted people to random lamas making a cameo. Consistently releasing new music and videos, the California natives led by Kevin Abstract are quickly gaining recognition all over the internet and the music industry.

Swamp is their newest release off of their upcoming album Saturation II to be released via EMPIRE. In familiar BROCKHAMPTON style, the weary-sounding guitar-laden hook is catchy, the verses as diverse as the members’ styles and the video as unexpected as to be expected.

Kevin Abstract tweeted that the video was directed by him, inspired by Spike Jonze, 90s Nick and Chronicle and subtly aims to provoke the already tense relationship between police enforcement and certain ethnicities. It also somehow manages to throw in a face full of peanut butter and jelly and makes it look completely normal.

Check out the visuals for Swamp below:



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